One blog entry isn’t enough for me right now. I want to continuously post what I’m literally feeling. I feel so overwhelmed with emotions I can’t even fathom. Emotions I don’t know how to describe, emotions that could probably make me crazy and start doing shits I’ve done when I was like in sixth grade and freshmen year. 

I feel so blank, I feel so burdened, I feel so incomplete. If you follow me on Instagram and you might now understand why I’ve been captioning my photos with deep thoughts. I’m just in complete and utter darkness right now, feeling alone, feeling taken for granted and so messed up. I’m actually focusing on my studies, and I’m enjoying it, passing all of my units/subjects, socialising with with teachers and as well as with my classmates, I do have friends but, I sometime, not sometimes, I feel like I’m in high school again, I feel so out of place, I feel like I’m not myself. I dunno. I really don’t know.

I feel like I’m already teary eyed, but I have to get this out of my head, I have to know what is going on my mind, even if I have to do it myself.


I love the Beatles!!


Baby Clothes Haul (YAY!) | Sprinkle of Glitter.

boop boop  ( ´∀`

Selena Gomez on drugs, ladies and gentlemen.


I actually saw this on tv the other day. Canada may have shitty television but our PSAs are wonderful.