There are times that Patrick Star is smart, but mostly he is just an idiot and I love him anyways.

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Ate at Crepe Man for desert.❤ I fancy crepes very much. :))

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Good morning from Zoey. :)) I’m still sleepy…

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Just did a 4Omin work out. :) Gotta work out 3-5 times a day. -___- when will I take this working put seriously?

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Oh my!! Zoey is so cute! 💛 #pug #cutie #instagram #adorable

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Suicidal Thoughts & Depression

Have you ever felt that something is missing? Something is wrong or that you’re just completely depressed? Well I have, I always had this feeling, but I don’t know why.

Let me tell you guys, I started blogging because I have always felt that maybe writing can be my outlet of things I feel. Maybe sharing my thoughts, my emotions and my life experience may help others. To other people, writing is what keeps them sane, but for me, writing is just something I do to keep my hands not touching a sharp object and start cutting myself again. I’ve stopped cutting 2-3 yrs ago, for even a short while I felt happy that I stopped.

I’m currently lost in my own thoughts, I feel that something or someone is currently missing in my life, but I don’t know who or what it is. Me being lost in my own thoughts is leading me to depression, I had to go on hiatus on my roleplay account cause me being depressed really takes a toll on my mental and emotional health. I hate this feeling…feeling that you just want to go and start cutting again, start being anti-social or just having no care in the world. My depression isn’t that deep yet that I want to go kill myself, but it’s getting to that point.

Why do people have this emotion? I despise this feeling cause I feel like my life would go downhill again and I don’t want that happening to me again, my life is going smoothly now.

I hope when the school year starts my depression will just go away, I think the cause of this depression is me just being at home, doing nothing, talking to no one. I don’t like being in one place, I like to go places that I can just be free. I want to go somewhere silent, just me, no family or anyone telling me what to do. I want zen.

Maybe if I get going again…I might be happy. Cause I’m at my happiest when I’m with my friends or being alone.

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YES! I have updated my YouTube channel art and my icon. (which I don’t know if other people see that I’ve changed it.)

I also found out how to put customized thumbnails. ;) And I might start vlogging properly now. :) HAHAHA! I just wish I could.

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i will reblog this as many times as i can in hopes of making it a post everyone on tumblr sees at least once 

wait that kinda looks like me

OMG! YES TYLER SHE LOOKS LIKE YOU! :)) Laughing at what you said.